Foreign-economic activities

We invite you for cooperation with the Republic of Belarus

Plan of activities of the “Gomel branch of the BelCCI” in 2021

One of the main priorities of the Gomel Branch of the BelCCI is promoting interregional and international activity of business entities of the region, promoting their goods and services to domestic and foreign markets.

The multiple-vector foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus aimed at developing cooperation with countries of all regions of the world puts before us the task to inform about the economic, scientific, technological and industrial potential of the companies of the Gomel region.

The main goal we are pursuing is to establish new economic relations between Belarusian and foreign companies and to expand markets, that is why we invite you to participate in business missions to the Republic of Belarus. During these visits you will be able to understand the requirements of the Belarusian market, to hold meetings and negotiations on deliveries of the products, to visit different companies.

We believe that our mutual cooperation will not only expand the geography of foreign economic relations, but also fill them with mutually beneficial economic content.

For more information, please call: tel. + 375 232 235-111.